Why we’ve launched Stop the Co-Pay Cuts campaign

For a few hours after Joe Hockey’s budget speech, it felt like an entire profession had been struck dumb by the scale of the assault.

General practice, already badly funded through numerous half-baked reforms over the years, was being told more billions in Medicare funding would be taken from patients in need of GP care.

Imposing fees for those who can afford to pay is an issue worthy of debate. But ministers are suggesting GPs should see nursing home patients, children, the poor, Indigenous patients — those at the very edges of our society — at no cost, with reduced rebates, with no bulk-billing incentives.

This campaign is a call for the political madness to end — for the co-payment plan to be axed and the cuts to GP rebates abandoned before they do real damage.

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GPs’ stories from across Australia

We’re asking GPs to tell us how they make a difference to the lives of Australians, including how the $7 co-payment plan will impact on their practice and patients.

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